interview with photographer Scott Wyden Kivowitz

I’ve been quietly following Scott Wyden Kivowitz for some time now on Google Plus. I honestly cannot remember how I found him, but after I did, I started hearing other people talk about him too. Even in real life. His name would come up and I would think to myself, “yeah I know exactly who […]

how to grow your passion when you have a full time job

What is your passion? I can bet you don’t do it for a living. Most of us don’t. And if you do, it’s definitely not an easy life either. That’s part of the beauty of it though. Doing something you love for a career is supposed to be a challenge. Isn’t that what passion is […]

Inspirational desktop background with a quote about sharing the wealth

I feel like the word “wealth” is fairly misunderstood, abused and just lost in translation. It can easily be conveyed as a way to explain how much money you have at your disposal. That just seems like a wrong way of looking at it. Wealth should not be about finances. It should be about things […]

awesome free wordpress themes for my blog

This month I found two awesome free WordPress themes for you to check out. Both of them are minimal and clean. They also are quite similar, but have their own character for you to choose from. Check them out! Lingonberry   The Lingonberry WordPress theme is great for bloggers that just want to write and […]

I am always depressed and I want to be happy with my life

As we all aim for greater things in life, it’s easy to start comparing. “If I just had that job, my life would be so much better…” Sure, a “better” job might bring you more happiness than your current situation, but how much will it change your perspective? How can you expect yourself to be satisfied […]

Terrel Owens quote about stress

A lot of emotional stress that people go through, some people figure out a way to handle it. They have a strong enough support system to keep going and keep moving forward. And some people, they feel like they don’t have that outlet. -Terrell Owens Life can really mess you up sideways. Some of us […]

how to understand the true spirit of giving to others

You and I both know that we always tend to want to receive much more than we want to give. Sometimes we do the checks and balances in our head and analyze when we are “due” for a good amount of receiving. Your thoughts could include… …I just keep on giving and it feels like […]

tips on how to prevent stress in your life

There’s a lot of strong positive signals being put in our faces every day. I even try to flood myself with positive energy all the time since I am always hustling to get things done. As much as we like to think they are healthy and good for us, it can be the most stressful addition to our life. It’s on social networks, on billboards, signs in schools and institutions… everywhere. Continue reading

learning to let go and celebrate the moments we live in.

You fight yourself all the time. You want things to go your way. Up in your mind, it’s all planned out. You never learn to just let life go for once and grow on its own. A close friend of mine has given me some great advice about life over the past few weeks. “Just let […]

Seth Godin quote about success and difficulty

Success comes from doing the hard part. When the hard part is all you’ve got, you’re more likely to do it. And this is precisely why it’s difficult to focus. Because focusing means acknowledging that you just signed up for the hard part. -Seth Godin Doing something that is uncomfortable is just plain hard. You […]

Road Belly magazine with photos by Steph Harding

When a saw a little package arrive in the mail for me today from my friend, Steph Harding, I was beyond excited. I was joyful. When I opened up the package I saw an awesome issue of RoadBelly, a handful of awesome little prints and something very special. The Michigan bottle opener. When I saw […]

street photography in downtown green bay wisconsin with Chris Kerksieck

It’s so refreshing to catch up with friends that you know have wicked amounts of talent just brewing up inside of them. It can be really hard to stay in touch, but when you do get together, it’s a good time. It’s a time of talking about the bigger picture, sharing the little details and […]

when you grow up there going to be so many choices to make

The title of this post is from a song by a band called, Artifex Pereo. It really makes me think about growing up and living at home under the guidance of my parents versus what I am capable of doing now. I am no longer bound to a school schedule anymore, the standard of a […]

interview about blogging

I’ve been wanting to do more interviews on the blog with some amazing people. Photographers, designers, developers, filmmakers, bloggers and all sorts of creators. This is a hopeful start to a great series of interviews to come I thought I would kick off this interview series with someone from the blogosphere. Blogging is awesome and […]

teach a man to give and he'll be thankful for a lifetime

Relationships have tremendous value for us. Even when we are broke as hell and feel worthless, the greatest people in our life can lift us up. They see the potential within us. Not only that, they know how to create good within us. Seeing the good is half the battle. Teaching others to create good […]

how to find focus when you have a lot to do.

As much as you want to think you are mature, intelligent and wise, you’re always going to be fighting the sands of time. Time is what truly refines our character. A refinement that we do not see day to day or sometimes month to month. Rather it is a slow sanding upon who we are. Continue reading

Screenshot of Desk Publishing Machine for the iCloud

Testing the latest build of Desk Publishing Machine. There are so many Hot Keys that I can’t help but dance around and press them over and over.  I thought Pressgram was going to change my life for publishing to my blog, but this might just bring me to level 5000. Markdown was even added. If you haven’t […]

free wordpress themes 2014

This is the first of many monthly posts about my favorite free WordPress themes as well as a few other platforms such as Tumblr themes in the future. I find that the platform we use to share our content is not always important, but it can be fun to change up our look from time to […]

walking animation taught through skillshare

At my job I have placed myself into a position where I am learning graphic animation in Adobe After Effects. Continue reading

how to price your first book

My very first book is going to be available on iTunes and Amazon in a matter of 24 hours. It’s quite the surreal feeling. I still can’t believe I wrote a book. To me, it has tremendous value, because a part of me is in that book forever. Almost 4 months of my life was […]


The I have been a fan of Paul Jarvis through his newsletter and even his books for the past few months. I love his blunt honesty when he writes. It’s quite addictive actually. His words of “wisdom,” as I like to call them, are not for the sensitive type. He would probably never call himself […]

why writing everyday is good for you

In 2014 I have a personal goal to publish 500 times to my own blog. Why? Because I love a good challenge. That and a bunch of other reasons too. Let’s talk about why I set it to 500 before I jump into the core of why it’s so awesome to write, edit and publish […]

war of art quote

Are you paralyzed with fear? That’s a good sign. Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do. Remember one rule of thumb: the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.

― Steven Pressfield

Continue reading

St. Norbert College photography

I had the honor of being asked to take maternity photos for a fantastic new friend of mine. Chris and his wife just had their first born child this month. It was actually they day after my birthday too. And get this….his son and I share the same middle name. So he is pretty much destined to be one awesome kid. Continue reading

Winter lighthouse on lake michigan

It’s amazing how fast time goes by. Every single moment of our life. I edited the photos in this post a few months ago and completely forgot about them. Now I understand what people mean when they say,

The older you get, the faster time flies by.

It’s so damn true. Out of everything I do, there is one action that I do every single day that helps me slow life down and bring it back to memory. Continue reading

the best way to start blogging is to keep it simple

I run across a lot of people every year that want to blog, but are easily overwhelmed with the idea of actually doing it. Quite honestly, that is probably the hardest part of it.

The act of starting a blog is the hardest part because you’ve never done it before. Continue reading

the cure for depression is meeting with a good friend over coffee

When it comes to remedies people are willing to pay an arm and a leg to feel better. We take pills to ease the pain we are in or help keep ourselves together. In a world flooded with pharmaceuticals and high expectations, it’s easy to be depressed or unhappy. Happiness seems harder to achieve now more than ever. Continue reading

learn how to blog better

Most of us are regular people. We don’t have some action packed story to tell. Not all of us have been in a life or death situation. It’s not normal to build up a Fortune 500 company. We can easily feel like we have nothing worth saying. I mean seriously, when we go online we […]

how to measure the influence of your blog

About a year ago I remember walking around downtown Appleton waiting to meet up with a good friend to do a photo walk. I saw a few people skateboarding and as I approached even closer, I realized I knew one of them. It was a guy that I actually went to school with recently. His name was Evan. We had been out of contact for quite some time, but every time I see him it’s always cool to catch up.

He said something that really resonated with me and it has been happening ever since with other people as well. Continue reading

keeping track of goals kinetic bear

As of May 12th 2014 I have 188 blog posts in 2014. May 12th is the 132nd Day of the year. That means I have 233 days left to write and publish 312 more blog posts to reach my goal. I think I am on a pretty good run. I feel pretty confident in my pace. It is the consistent writing ritual that I have every day that has been keeping me on track.

Writing is a part of me now. Continue reading

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Today, May 12th 2014, marks the one year anniversary of my Instagram account being stolen. It is also my birthday. I remember it very clearly. On May 12th 2014 I was about to post my photo and thoughts of the day as I usually do. I was sitting right on my parent’s couch on a sunday morning. I went to open Instagram on my phone and I was logged out for some reason. Continue reading

last thing you ever made kinetic bear photography jacob miller

Recently a coworker of mine passed away from cancer. He was in his early 30s with a wife and two young children. It was a tragic story. Over the past year he started his battle with cancer and he was in and out of work. He came in when he felt strong enough to. He […]

out of touch kinetic bear photography jacob miller

Have you ever felt completely disconnected from everyone around you? You just feel tired, unmotivated, uninspired, unimportant and all the other “uns” that you can pile on that list. It’s so easy to exhaust ourselves to a point where we feel empty. So much that we can feel like we hold no value. We set our expectations so high on ourselves that we just burn out. Continue reading

the best bar in green bay wisconsin for micro brews

I had the pleasure of getting an hour to shoot photos with Tony, the owner of The Libertine in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin. Being that both he and I are both originally from Upper Michigan, it was pretty much destiny for us to work together. He has built up quite the establishment that serves the best drinks in town. Continue reading

i have no idea what i am doing kinetic bear jacob miller

I am considered an expert, but I’ve only been doing photography and video editing for less than a decade. What gives?

When I work with people, I have this problem. Well, it’s not really a problem, because it gives them realistic expectations. I just like tell them how it is. I am not a big fan of lying to people. It leaves me sick to my gut. Just can’t do it. Not even to try and impress someone. That feels even worse. Continue reading

not everyone will like your work kinetic bear jacob miller

As a creative person, you will eventually come across a point where you find someone that doesn’t like your work. They might even hate it with all of their being. This is even true in other professions. When it comes to presenting ideas or a product/service to someone, you will find someone that is willing to let you know why they don’t like it. Life will bring forth contradiction in any progress we try to make.

Think about this though….

Continue reading

excuses kinetic bear photography jacob miller

Time and time again I run across old friends or meet new ones and it’s the same story. This is even a story that I seem to live now and then. We’ll chat for a while, talk about aspirations and really dive into what we wish we could do some day. I’m sure you’ve been […]

stop procrastinating get it done kinetic bear photography jacob miller_1

You might be reading this because you have been one lazy bum lately and you need that little reminder to get you back in action and kick some serious butt. So if you are that person that has been procrastinating a lot lately, let’s go over a few reasons why you should just get moving and just finish the damn thing already. I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, I just want to see you succeed. Some of these responses are more serious than others….. Continue reading

Eric Coppersmith_04

This is my great friend Eric Coppersmith aka The Pizza Destroyer. I honestly don’t get to see him enough and I hope that changes this year. I think one of the greatest parts of his character is his passion for compassion. He also enjoys a good passion fruit while listening to Passion Pit. That’s a […]

embrace the creative seasons in your life kinetic bear photography jacob miller

It has been an incredible year for me from a creative aspect. I cannot stress how much I have been getting done in comparison to any other time of my life. I thought I accomplished a lot last year, but I have been kicking some serious butt this year. I will say that I am noticing my own progress much more than ever before. I have been writing more to my blog, writing my first ebook (to be released in April 2014), progressing in my photography and design skills and now more recently I have been writing so much music I don’t know what to do with it all. Continue reading

creativity is not a race its an adventure kinetic bear photography jacob miller

When I was in school I wanted to be smart about what projects I worked on. I didn’t want to “just do the homework”. I wanted to work on projects that had meaning to me. Something I actually cared about. That’s when I started to develop my own personal projects that aligned with assignments I had. I found people in my life that I respected and believed in what they were doing. I found people that were Continue reading

how sharing old posts can help grow your blog kinetic bear photography jacob miller

As a blogger, you tend to naturally build a library of posts over time. Some of them are time sensitive like news or events, but many of them can hold great value that are timeless. The best term for that is evergreen content. Evergreen content is something that is always relevant or something we can constantly learn from or enjoy reading. Posts about stories, personal experiences and sharing any sort of wisdom we have is considered evergreen content. That’s the type of content the world needs to see and it allows us to become a great resource of information for others. Continue reading

there must be so much more than we can see thrice kinetic bear photography jacob miller

I’m a huge fan of Thrice. They have been a staple in my playlists of music for quite some time. I’ve purchased and preordered many of their CDs because I truly love the music they make. It is not just the musicianship they possess, but the lyrical messages they tell as well. There is so much […]

adventures are not defined by the places we go kinetic bear photography jacob miller

I’ve only flown on a plane for one trip in my life. When I was 17 years old I was offered an opportunity to fly to the Bahamas for an educational week of studying marine biology. It was honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life. I wish I would have been as skilled as I am today at photography when I went. I wish I would have blogged about it. Continue reading

the world is a canvas kinetic bear photography jacob miller

Our actions are the brushes and our thoughts are the colors. The world is a canvas. Perception is a powerful thing. History and things that have happened to us have shaped how we react to things. We know that if “A” happens, then if we do “B” then “C” will be the end result. We […]

tripled my traffic kinetic bear jacob miller

I haven’t really publicly announced this yet, but I have a personal goal this year to publish at least 500 blog posts to my personal blog, here at If you average that out, that’s about 10 per week. So that means I have to post at least one per day. That sounds like a big commitment doesn’t it? How the heck can you blog that much!? Continue reading

defined by conflict kinetic bear jacob miller

I think many of us can agree that life is much like a roller coaster, a ship constantly at sea or whatever adventurous metaphor you would like to use to describe your life.  It has it’s ups, downs, calm days and vicious storms. No matter what stage of life we are in, we tend to feel […]

work without inspiration kinetic bear photography jacob miller

I ran across this post on twitter today from a teacher I had and it totally flashed me back. I can recall spending over 8 hours in that exact room on some days. I actually had a whole semester where I had two, 3-4 hour classes in a row in that room. It was quite […]


I’m completely changing my guitar rig for my new band. This little beauty was inexpensive and does exactly what I want. My next step is figuring out my tools between my guitar and my amp. My pedal board. I’m in pursuit of new tones. Better tones. Juicy tones. I’ve pretty much been feeling out about […]


Yesterday my brother texted me asking about this image above. He wanted to know if I had a digital copy anywhere. Besides from My old Myspace profile….no. I do in fact have it printed in my old room at my parents place. I made the image in spring of 2007. It was a self portrait […]


We work hard. All of us. It doesn’t matter how much you make. Our efforts our equal, but our outcomes are so vast. Why do we work hard? I hope it’s not for the money, but for the moments we can achieve. Like a quiet time at a beach, a road trip with family. Things […]


Right now I’m sitting on the couch after playing some soccer and frisbee with my roommate and friend Andrew. I kind of scared him when I took this photo. It’s not the most appealing photo or of good quality by any means, but it’s a moment in time. Right now. This moment will never be […]


I’ve been playing guitar since late 2005. I’ve been in three bands, but only played guitar in one of them. I’ve always wanted to teach myself how to sweep pick to add more flare to my style. I don’t want to learn to be a speed demon, I just want to expand my capabilities. I […]

You may or may not know this, but I am on Tumblr. You can see my Tumblr feed here. I have it because…. why not? I get pleasantly surprised when people randomly come across my blog posts that I have share on Tumblr. It’s cool to see that they found me through Tumblr and not any […]

A day at point beach in Two Rivers, Wisconsin

There is so much out there. There is so much more that lies ahead for you. Right now might suck. It might suck hard, but it’s temporary. Tomorrow is awesome. The future is bigger than you. Remove your ego. Remove your doubts. You can’t see past the horizon, but who really wants to? That takes […]