discovering new photography locations

Location location location. You and I have both been told that where you are geographically determines your greatness. The places you go make you better at what you do or that prime location is going to make your business successful. I’m here to tell you that where you are should not determine what you decide to […]

my writing is horrible I am not a good writer

You hear it all over the internet, in books and at school. We are all writers. Natural born communicators. We owe it to ourselves to become great writers. Not only to benefit ourselves, but others too. I never thought I would create any long form of text beyond a Facebook message or an email after graduating […]

when is the best time of day to write?

Time is an equal opportunity employer. Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes every day. Rich people can’t buy more hours. Scientists can’t invent new minutes. And you can’t save time to spend it on another day. Even so, time is amazingly fair and forgiving. No matter how much time […]


Do you struggle with the idea that what you do isn’t good enough? Whether you write or raise a family you probably have the same high standards as I do with myself. Who doesn’t want to be successful in everything they do? The problem is that we overwhelm ourselves with extremely high standards by taking […]


Every writer and blogger wants great ideas to write about. It makes writing fun and exciting. You want the whole world to know about it. Great ideas motivate you to share them in the best way possible. Sadly, even when you do think one great idea, you might struggle to think of more. You sit […]

how to make a better blog

I’ll be honest, I did not do this 10 day workshop as it requests, but it still was challenge I found to be very successful for me personally. I was traveling for work and away from my computer a lot of that time which made it difficult to write each day, but I managed to […]


I’ve done a lot of writing within the past few years. Between February and May of 2014 I wrote over 25,000 words in order to publish my first book – released it in June of 2014. The book is 25,400 words or so, but after all of the editing I probably wrote at least 30,000. That’s […]

how to make hard choices

Choices are personal. That’s a fact because even the choices you don’t care about, are preconceived by who you are. Where do you want to eat? “It doesn’t really matter to me.” That’s actually a choice you have. You choose not to care about dinner that night as long as you get to eat with […]

frost inside house window

Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. -Robert Frost Most of us are looking for an end of something. To reach a goal. To cross the finish line. Another check on the to-do list. Any way to lift responsibility off your shoulder. But what if you didn’t look for an […]


You are probably just like me. You get on your social network of choice and then get lost in the abyss of great and talented people doing amazing things. You can’t stop looking at all of it. It’ addicting. Then you get to a point where you start to wish you were that person or […]


What would you do if you were on a ship that was trapped in the arctic? What would be your escape plan? Most of us probably are not prepared for this kind of situation, but it doesn’t mean that an escape isn’t possible. In 1914 Captain Robert Bartlett gathered his courage and saved the lives […]

what isaac stern can teach you about music and life

Legendary violinist Isaac Stern was once confronted by a woman after a concert. She told him, “Oh, Id’ give my life to play like you!” “Lady,” Stern said acidly, “that I did!” Isaac Stern was not a prodigy nor a virtuoso, but he built his reputation in the mid-1940’s with a rich tone and emotional interpretive […]

new year resolution and goals for the new year

It’s been an interesting and wonderful year. It’s crazy to think that 2015 is less than one month away already. I mean really, where the hell did 2014 go? I’ve learned a lot about myself despite how much I like to think I know. I bet you have too. This time of year we tend […]

weird habits of famous people in history

“Everyone has their own ways. It takes all kinds to make the world go round.” -Dad I was speaking with my father about a friend of mine and how strange his eating habits are.  He then told me the quote above. It made me think about the weird things I do and then I realized […]

why you should write your own music

I have friends that are the most talented writers and musical composers I know. When I first met each one of them, I knew there was something different within them. At the time I didn’t know what it was. I was just really intrigued and drawn to them. It was almost like they were a […]

progress sometimes feels like night and day

Over the past few months I have been diving into Adobe After Effects more than I ever have in my entire professional career as a video specialist. I’ve been doing video seriously for about 3 years now and the two past years have been in a corporate environment. I mainly used Adobe After Effects for lower […]

As of September 25th 2014 I have published 735 blog posts to my blog. I start posting to this blog on May 21st 2012, so that means 735 posts in 857 days. I only had 2 posts in May of 2012. My rate of publishing got better and more consistent in late 2013 and even […]

great blogging tips for beginners

This is the beginning of a series of posts that will share my entire book, The Elements of Blogging, on my blog. One chapter at a time. Each chapter post will be accompanied with text as well as the audio version of the chapter. The entire audio book will be completed in this manner, when all […]

quotes about self entitlement

It is easy, when you are young, to believe that what you desire is no less than what you deserve, to assume that if you want something badly enough, it is your God-given right to have it. ― Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild When it comes to success in life, you and I are probably […]

Sometimes I feel like I am never good enough

You live in a time where we are able to see what everyone else is doing all the time. You constantly think that everyone is always busy creating and doing things you wish you could do. Everyone else appears to be better than you are at every moment of your life. You are never good […]

How to find out what you want to do with your life

When I graduated high school in 2006, I pictured myself in a completely difference scenario in 2014. I thought I would have a wife, a kid or two and possibly living in a different state. Just didn’t end up being that at all. I’m single, no children and a daily commuter for work. I’m also […]

how to grow your passion when you have a full time job

What is your passion? I can bet you don’t do it for a living. Most of us don’t. And if you do, it’s definitely not an easy life either. That’s part of the beauty of it though. Doing something you love for a career is supposed to be a challenge. Isn’t that what passion is […]

tips on how to prevent stress in your life

There’s a lot of strong positive signals being put in our faces every day. I even try to flood myself with positive energy all the time since I am always hustling to get things done. As much as we like to think they are healthy and good for us, it can be the most stressful addition to our life. It’s on social networks, on billboards, signs in schools and institutions… everywhere. Continue reading

interview about blogging

I’ve been wanting to do more interviews on the blog with some amazing people. Photographers, designers, developers, filmmakers, bloggers and all sorts of creators. This is a hopeful start to a great series of interviews to come I thought I would kick off this interview series with someone from the blogosphere. Blogging is awesome and […]

teach a man to give and he'll be thankful for a lifetime

Relationships have tremendous value for us. Even when we are broke as hell and feel worthless, the greatest people in our life can lift us up. They see the potential within us. Not only that, they know how to create good within us. Seeing the good is half the battle. Teaching others to create good […]

stop procrastinating get it done kinetic bear photography jacob miller_1

You might be reading this because you have been one lazy bum lately and you need that little reminder to get you back in action and kick some serious butt. So if you are that person that has been procrastinating a lot lately, let’s go over a few reasons why you should just get moving and just finish the damn thing already. I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, I just want to see you succeed. Some of these responses are more serious than others….. Continue reading

embrace the creative seasons in your life kinetic bear photography jacob miller

It has been an incredible year for me from a creative aspect. I cannot stress how much I have been getting done in comparison to any other time of my life. I thought I accomplished a lot last year, but I have been kicking some serious butt this year. I will say that I am noticing my own progress much more than ever before. I have been writing more to my blog, writing my first ebook (to be released in April 2014), progressing in my photography and design skills and now more recently I have been writing so much music I don’t know what to do with it all. Continue reading

work without inspiration kinetic bear photography jacob miller

I ran across this post on twitter today from a teacher I had and it totally flashed me back. I can recall spending over 8 hours in that exact room on some days. I actually had a whole semester where I had two, 3-4 hour classes in a row in that room. It was quite […]

Finding motivation to keep going

There is no other person in this world that knows you better than yourself. You know how you feel. Your thoughts are manifested through your personal experiences. That’s why we are all so unique. It’s also why many of us will never take the same path as someone else in life. It is actually more […]


I’ve been subscribed to Seth Godin’s blog for quite some time. When I got home from work Wednesday I read this section from one of his new posts in my email… And the sooner you find a boss who pushes you right to the edge of your ability to be excellent, the better. Even if the […]

There will always be times in your life when we have no control of the external actions that influence us. People can say or do harmful things to you. Your car can get damaged while being parked on the side of the street. You can get sick during an extremely busy week at work. As much […]

I struggle to write these words right now. I’ve felt a bit uninspired with my personal writing lately. Last year I may have burned myself out with over 400 blog posts. Not to mention a book. This year I have have decided to slow down and focus on quality vs quantity. With smaller goals, comes the […]

I want to quite Facebook and take a break from social media

It doesn’t take long until you realize that 3 hours of your life have passed after logging into Facebook. I used to be that guy logging in right before bed and slowly killing myself by only getting 4 hours of sleep before heading to work. Then I would end up browsing during the day on […]


There is this constant struggle you have when it comes to creating something. Then there is an even larger struggle to share those “somethings” with the world. I can’t tell you how many ideas I’ve had that have become nothing. I also can’t tell you how many of those could have been great “somethings.” If […]